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World class authority on the market with information commodities & terrorism risk management.
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Ivan is the founder at Marcus Aurelius Institute, Expert at EU Commission, Project Manager Senior at Slovenská sporiteľňa, member of Erste Group Bank AG and President at Cigar Rating Association.
He is a member of international associations and organisations.

Ivan Schmidt is an extremely motivated professional. He provides for clients and stakeholders leading of elite expertised know-how for the heaviest problems as the synergy complex of the information forensic research, strategic portfolio & enterprise project management, risk & terrorism risk management and crisis management with the dynamic of the psychology, security industry and enterprise IT industry.

He creates a vision and a big picture for leading to effective results. A large number of important contacts completes benefits of long-term value, regarding of collaboration opportunities and diplomatic releations.

Protection of sensitive information is certainty.

NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT Confidentiality 367 F.7e 473 NDA CLASS I.2018


How I can help you

I do not provide only one ball.
I provide the synergy complex of all balls.

More facts about qualification

  • Information studies and Forensics analysis
  • Operation Research, Statistics methods, Chaos theory
  • Terrorism Risk Management Class A+ 2016, Class B-EU 2014, Class C 2008
  • M_o_R Management of Risk, Risk Guide 73, AS/NZ 4360, ISO 13335, Enterprise Risk Framework
  • MIL Class A IL PMC AX HT ARS TA UAP QRF, CQB PSD CLS, SA Security Assessment, Dataprotection
  • CCPM and TOC Critical Management, Crisis Management
  • Reengineering and transformation, Comprehensive Research Program Stanford, Sourcing/Cloud Integration
  • ExM and IxM An authorized implementer of Experimental and Innovation Methods
  • Project Management Stanford, Six Sigma Master Black Belt (DMAIC, DMADV, QMT)
  • MSP Management of Successful Programmes
  • PMO, RAPID, ISO/IEC15504, ISO 31000, ISO 31010, PMP, OPM3, P3M3, PROMPTII
  • MoP Management of Portfolio, P3O Portfolio management
  • Strategic and Innovation Management, Business Strategies
  • MoM Management of Media, Media enterprise framework, Big data
  • Newsroom research, Woodwing and newsrooms, Masmedia and production
  • Psychology, Mediation, Management with new-coming young generation of employees

Marcus Aurelius Institute

Project manager Senior
Slovenská sporiteľňa, member of Erste Group Bank AG
, www.erstegroup.com

EU Commission

Cigar Rating Association

Ivan Schmidt is the founder at Marcus Aurelius Institute, it is recognized world class authority on the market with information commodities & terrorism risk management. The institute provides Enterprise terrorism risk management, brings credited mass HQ information, High risk intelligence and Forensics analysis. The institute provides consulting in the given areas in the field of prevention of major industrial accidents and other disasters.

"We have been using certified HPC&MIL environments. Power is also used for the research and analysis of mechanics structures, mechanics fluid simulations and acoustics, statistical analysis, simulations of water, meteo-climatic simulations, information analyses, industrial prototyping and numerical simulations."

Ivan is Project manager Senior for the large complex projects / programs / omnichannel lab (>1m€ & >1.2b€) at Slovenská sporiteľňa, member of Erste Group Bank AG since the year 2016. Erste Group was founded in 1819 as the first Austrian savings bank and is one of the largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe.

Ivan is a member of an expert groups at EU Commission with focusing on the Enterprise terrorism risk management and research, crisis management.

Cigar Rating Association is the professional prestigious rating association. Ivan is President at Cigar Rating Association since the year 2015. This Association awards the official prestigious professional rating to cigars from over the world and it manages the complete rating database. The Association has the aspiration to keep the highest product quality on the market.

Ivan earned a diploma of Dipl. Ing. from University of Economics in Bratislava in 2005.
Exclusive high-successful background was received at Stanford University in 2007.

He is a member of international associations and organisations.

ASAP Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals, Terrorism Risk Agency, RMO, ISACA Information Systems Audit and Control Association, Expertise Institutes, Whistleblower Institute, Statistical Institute

ISSI, World Association Of Newspapers And News Publishers, The International News Media Association, AIIM Association for Information and Image Management, International Psychology Association

... etc.


Ivan Schmidt



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Before founding the Marcus Aurelius Institute, recognized world class authority on the market with information commodities & terrorism risk management, Ivan worked for seven years as a CEO for Euro Financial Business Group Ltd., which provided risk and crisis management and for Schmidt-Hanzel Technologies as a founder and director for strategy. More than four years he was a president at Luxury Black&White Business Elite Club.

More than seven years he was actively involved in the media industry, where he was a part of the management of global media and media houses Ringier Axel Springer Media (RAS Slovakia and RAS Czech) and later in the media houses CNN, Redbull, Extreme Sports.

He worked also for JSC United Aircraft Corporation as an external advisor for experimental project strategies and regulations. For The Depository Trust&Clearing Corporation his function was an external crisis manager.

In his free time he actively practices martial arts, swim and golf. Except that next hobby is profi music production and sound design with focusing on the very large music shows and composing film trailers.


Your know-how will be transformed in seconds by expertised additivum.


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Our successful cooperation with Ivan had the base on the independent audit and mentoring services for our people. His review for our company and solutions gave us the certainty that the next steps will be successful. I can confirm his absolutly professionality and knowledge cross various knowhow fields.

I worked with Ivan on several projects, it has been very successful cooperation.

After longer offsite meeting with Ivan, he brought me new realistic vision with the business variants and with validate arguments for the change. Passion for what we do. I love it!

I feel so much more fresh air :) Ivan is a very comprehesive adaptabile professional person for all complicated problems with very quick solutions. His work is bringing business resolutions to move faster.

We recommend Ivan to all our business partners, friends and acquitances. His wide-spectrum specialization has already helped us for many times.

... etc.

For very strict valid NDA aggreements I cannot publish other feedback and their sources.


„You exist... but do you live?“


At the last two years

Enterprise Terrorism Risk Management

Information Research & Forensic Analyses

Omnichannel Transformation

Realtime Bank & Big data





Cloud Transformation, Outsourcing

Enterprise Agile Transformation & Management (no Scrum)


Artificial Intelligence & Robotics & Automatization

... etc.


  • Complex project management I. Advanced / Simulation
  • Complex project management II. Expert / Simulation
  • Terrorism Risk Management for companies
  • Cryptography and terrorism
  • Risk Management

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