21st Century Intelligence - The collection is the first analysis level

All kinds of data is available today, from multiple sources.
They are classified in 3 categories:
cyber and
natural, mostly correlated.

The first challenge of collection is the scope

Monitoring for understanding purposes (environment, system or an element), sourcing for existence purposes (strategies, operations and decisions) and change impact for predicting purposes (boosting, redirecting and shutting down). According to the scope, information from sources must be filtered, synthesized and grouped for later uses.

The second challenge is analysis of data according to the scope.

Here is necessary a Competing Sources Cross-Analysis. An intelligence-based system will generate a lot of dust to cover intentions concerning strategies, operations and decisions. The data must be carefully filtered, because it is documented data that this type of system feeds.

The third challenge is database maintenance.

The set delivered to Intelligence Analysis as second step must be up to date and have an estimated expiration period. Must include some data evolution on PPA (pressure points) with trends. Must indicate the quality of data in terms of multiple sources, one source or deducted data.

The collection is analysis. More and more complex by the availability of data.