5 reasons why Donald Trump would be a good project manager

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5 reasons why Donald Trump would be a good project manager

Donald Trump may actually become President of the United States. Scary? Better? Worse? At this very moment in time one of our two major political parties in the U.S. – specifically the Republican party – has Donald Trump as it’s front-runner for the nomination to run as their candidate for President of the United States. Donald Trump. Could. Be. President.

Let’s think in terms of project management. Would Hillary be a good project manager? What about Huckabee (doubt it)? What about Jeb Bush? Too milk toasty? Ok, what about Donald Trump? Hmm. Not sure about president, but maybe project manager? I think he might make a good one, though he’ll really tick off some project managers, executive management team members, customer sponsors and project team members and end users (especially if any of them are women) and just about anyone else who might be fair game. But he’ll probably get the job done, somehow.

Here are 5 reasons why I think Donald Trump would probably make a fairly decent project manager.

1. He is honest (I think).

I guess I’m not sure if he’s being completely honest. But let’s say he doesn’t pull any punches. He speaks his mind. I hate it when people worry too much about being politically correct and never really say what they want to say or should say. South Korea and the culture there is that they don’t like to give bad news or say “no.” So as a project team member or customer, you would always know where you stood with Donal Trump as the project manager. And I think that is a good thing.

2. He gets his way.

Ok, this might be the power or the notoriety or the money talking, but Donald Trump gets his way. And having a project manager who gets his way is generally a good thing. As PMs, we have lots of needs and requests during our projects - often fighting for a project resource or a decision or information. With Trump, the roadblocks would likely be few… if any would exist at all.

3. He is well connected… even maybe with the enemy.

One of the big blasts the “other candidates” directed at Trump during the first debate of this presidential season was that he has had direct recent conversations with the Clintons. Who cares? But the man is connected. With all, and business leaders in general. If he is half as connected as a project manager as he is a businessman or presidential candidate then project success would likely come fairly easy and fairly often for him and his project teams and customers. Win-win.

4. He isn’t just loyal to “the company”.

I like this aspect… When pressed during the first debate if he would completely rule out a third party run at the presidency he indicated that he would not rule that out – immediately drawing the ire of many hardcore Republicans and probably hundreds of thousands of straight party Republican voters across the nation. But he doesn’t care. And in project management – where does your loyalty lie? With the customer or with your own company? Hopefully they are never in conflict, but sometimes they are. I have always tried to fight for my customer first. And I think with Trump’s attitude he might lean that way – IF he was a project manager. First, of course, he’d have to get past his own loyalty to himself.

5. He doesn’t play games.

I think you can see the common thread on all of these points – the man doesn’t play games. Or he doesn’t seem to… Maybe everything he’s doing now is one big game. But I think he really isn’t a big game player. He stated clearly that he doesn’t have time to be politically correct. I think that is a very good thing. And if he were forced to make tough decisions as a project manager, I think he could do that…easily. And I think he’s stubborn enough to stick to any decision.

You may love politics. If you do, then I’m sorry and I hope this article hasn’t offended you too much. Time will tell.